Bimetallic Core–Shell Nanocrystals: Alternatives and Challenges

With mastery over the colloidal synthesis of monometallic nanocrystals, a mixture of two distinct metals with intricate architectures has emerged as a brand new path of innovation. Among the many numerous architectures, the one with a core−shell construction has attracted most scientific endeavors owing to its deserves of excessive controllability and variability. Together with the brand new hopes arising from the addition of a shell composed of a unique metallic, there comes sudden issues for the floor composition, hindering each structural understanding and software efficiency. On this Focus article, we current a short overview of the alternatives offered by the bimetallic core−shell nanocrystals, adopted by a dialogue of the technical problem to elucidate the true composition of the outermost floor. A few of the promising options are then highlighted as properly, aiming to encourage future efforts towards this frontier of analysis.

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