New Amazon EC2 C7gn Situations: Graviton3E Processors and Up To 200 Gbps Community Bandwidth

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The C7gn cases that we previewed final 12 months at the moment are out there and you can begin utilizing them at present. The cases are designed to your most demanding network-intensive workloads (firewalls, digital routers, load balancers, and so forth), information analytics, and tightly-coupled cluster computing jobs. They’re powered by AWS Graviton3E processors and help as much as 200 Gbps of community bandwidth.

Listed here are the specs:

Occasion Title vCPUs
Community Bandwidth
EBS Bandwidth
c7gn.medium 1 2 GiB as much as 25 Gbps as much as 10 Gbps
c7gn.giant 2 4 GiB as much as 30 Gbps as much as 10 Gbps
c7gn.xlarge 4 8 GiB as much as 40 Gbps as much as 10 Gbps
c7gn.2xlarge 8 16 GiB as much as 50 Gbps as much as 10 Gbps
c7gn.4xlarge 16 32 GiB 50 Gbps as much as 10 Gbps
c7gn.8xlarge 32 64 GiB 100 Gbps as much as 20 Gbps
c7gn.12xlarge 48 96 GiB 150 Gbps as much as 30 Gbps
c7gn.16xlarge 64 128 GiB 200 Gbps as much as 40 Gbps

The elevated community bandwidth is made attainable by the brand new fifth technology AWS Nitro Card. As one other profit, these cases ship the bottom Elastic Material Adapter (EFA) latency of any present EC2 occasion.

Right here’s a fast infographic that reveals you the way the C7gn cases and the Graviton3E processors evaluate to earlier cases and processors:

As you possibly can see, the Graviton3E processors ship considerably increased reminiscence bandwidth and compute efficiency than the Graviton2 processors, together with increased vector instruction efficiency than the Graviton3 processors.

C7gn cases can be found within the US East (Ohio, N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Eire) AWS Areas in On-Demand, Reserved Occasion, Spot, and Financial savings Plan type. Devoted Situations and Devoted Hosts are additionally out there.


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