The Cruise Origin Is (Perhaps?) On The Street! | by David Silver | Self-Driving Vehicles

You may even see it in San Francisco!

Our purpose-built AV, the Origin, is on observe for manufacturing! Whereas we eagerly await its arrival for business use within the coming months, you may even see a human-operated Origin prototype driving on the streets of SF. 👀

I labored on the Origin after I was at Cruise and the automobile was in fairly early phases. I spent a cold December week at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds final yr, getting the Origin transferring autonomously.

If the Origin actually is on the highway in San Francisco now, or within the close to future (the tweet is a bit of ambiguous), that’s superior progress by Cruise.

The corporate is on a roll. Ultimately, hopefully in 2023, I will likely be so excited to take my first journey as a paying passenger within the Origin.

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