Understanding silicon monoxide fuel evolution from blended silicon and silica powders

Silicon on silica supplies are ubiquitous in twenty first century expertise. From nanoparticles to built-in circuits, these methods are integral for contemporary semiconductor fabrication. Whereas the Si–SiO2 interface is usually (incorrectly) presumed to be steady, the direct discount of silica by silicon is feasible at excessive temperatures, ensuing within the evolution of silicon monoxide (SiO) fuel. Underneath applicable situations, this considerably surprising response can complicate stable state nanomaterial syntheses by etching away the specified merchandise. This report describes an investigation into the SiO evolution response by interrogation of powdered Si–SiO2 mixtures earlier than and after thermal remedy. The impacts of processing temperature, time, and pattern composition are examined and mentioned. Of explicit significance, this investigation reveals the underappreciated position of silica crystallinity (cristobalite) on this solid-state response below comparatively low temperature situations (ca. 1200 °C). With an improved understanding of SiO evolution, we hope to encourage new inventive pathways for Si–SiO2 interface manipulation.

Graphical abstract: Understanding silicon monoxide gas evolution from mixed silicon and silica powders

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